EverSafu DAO Overview

In our search to add more transparency to the EverSafu project, the team unanimously voted for the creation of a DAO. For those of you that do not know what a DAO is more details can be read in this Investopedia article here: https://www.investopedia.com/tech/what-dao/​
For our DAO to function, we need a trustless system put in place where every member can vote in their best interest. Just like any traditional DAO, any ESDAO token holders have the right to express their vote, the more tokens an individual owns, the more votes he can express. For this system to not be abused, the EverSafu team decided that only addresses that hold ESDAO for more than 7 days can express their votes.
The EverSafu DAO will function as both governing body for the EverSafu ecosystem and a for-profit investment fund. The investments can vary from low-risk investments like stable coins staking to high-risk investments like NFTs, Pre-Sale launches, and other types of investments, be it crypto-related or traditional. The profits will be paid as dividends quarterly or yearly by taking snapshots of the addresses holding the ESDAO token, and in the next 14 following days, the payout will be completed. We expect that for the crypto-related investments, all payouts to be done automatically and manually for the traditional investments or any investment that we are unable to set up a payout contract. Who will support the blockchain fees/gas fees for the payouts? In almost all cases, the blockchain/gas fees will be deducted from the DAO member's payout, and only in exceptional cases, they will be paid by the EverSafu team.