The Voting Mechanics

For you to be eligible to vote you are required to hold at least 1 ESDAO token for longer than 7 days, only then you are considered a DAO member. Only DAO members are eligible to make proposals. A proposal can be approved or disapproved by the DAO members exercising their votes in equal amounts to the ESDAO tokens they hold for a minimum of 7 days. In theory, a proposal can never fail to deliver a result, the exception being the case where a proposal's timer reaches zero and it has 0 total votes. A proposal can have multiple voting options, yet DAO members can only vote for one option. The DAO members can change their options as many times as they please until the proposal timer runs out. We know this system is not perfect, so in the future, if needed, the EverSafu team plans to develop a new DAO governance system where DAO members can split their total votes into multiple choices, making voting similar to a tiered system, where the DAO member can allocate most of the votes to the best choice, then a lower number of votes to the second-best option and so on. This should TRULY improve the decentralization and please as many DAO members as possible.